For the Love of God Ladies, Pull it Together!


I tried to keep my opinion to myself…I really did. What I am seeing across social media this week has forced me to speak up in hopes that women on both sides will STOP THE MADNESS! The name calling, the untruths, the half truths, the bait and click photos, and the division need to stop NOW.

My friend Daria and I met in gym class the first day of school our freshman year of high school. We had something in common…neither one of us liked getting changed for gym! We were like peas and carrots and did all the fun things that girls in high school in the 90’s did. Talked for hours on our Swatch phones, spent summers at the beach, went to the football games, attended parties, and had just plain fun! We graduated high school, then college, started careers; Daria in journalism while I taught 1st grade. We both got married and were bridesmaids in each others weddings, we had babies and showed up for each other in the hospital, andย the list goes on. We live one town apart from each other and love nothing more than meeting for coffee to dish on our kids, husbands, style, and life in general. For years, we have looked forward to these mini-therapy sessions and always laugh a good laugh or cry a good cry.


If you were a fly on the wall while we sip our coffee at Rock N’ Joe you would NEVER suspect that Daria and I have complete opposite views on politics. Daria has always leaned liberal and I conservative. Does that get in the way of our friendship? Absolutely not and it never will! Where we stand on politics has nothing to do with what we give to each other and our families. Entering our 40’s we are both living our dreams working our own businesses while juggling our crazy kids and reminding our husbands that putting the dishes in the dishwasher is always welcome. We both want what is best for our children’s future and are proud to be STRONG WOMEN.


Our Future Strong Women

As a strong woman Daria headed to Washington D.C. this past weekend to march in the Women’s March while I stayed home and went from dancing school to basketball to a birthday party. Our choices neither make Daria less of a mother nor me less of a powerful woman. It isn’t about the views we have or where we stand on issues that make us STRONG. It is the bonds and friendships that outlast the ever changing political scene that matter. At the end of the day Daria and I will still be struggling to get our feisty daughters to let us brush their hair and our sons to put down the toilet seat. We will still have husbands who love us and drive us crazy taking off their socks inside out. Above all we WILL meet for coffee this Thursday and accept each other for the inspiration we give each other and friendship that we have always counted on no matter what is going on in the world around us.



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  1. Aunt Colleen

    That was brilliant! I haven’t heard from someone I HAD been friends with for many years since the morning after the election. She held me personally responsible for Trump’s victory not taking into account the rest of the country. That hurt but your blog showed me perhaps the “friendship” was questionable to start with. Thanks for the enlightenment.


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