Finding The Dream Job and Financial Freedom

For over 9 years I searched for a business that would help my family financially while I was living my dream of being a stay-at-home mom. Network marketing is not easy but I tested the waters in MANYcompanies only to come up short every time. I sold baskets that were beautiful, but it’s not practical to think you can make a living selling $100+ baskets to your friends and family forever. Next I signed up with a scrap booking company where I spent lots of money on products so that I could use them in my demonstrations and would spend hours preparing for each party I did.  At 27 weeks pregnant with my son I was rushed to the hospital and was admitted for 3 days on bed-rest. This was at the end of the month when there was a sales quota that I hadn’t yet met. I explained the circumstance to the company and promised to make up the sales as soon as I was released from the hospital. NOT an option! I had to send my husband home to get my catalog so I could call in with an order to stay active from my hospital bed. No extension was offered under ANYcircumstance. Was this really the type of company I wanted to represent?
Then came jewelry. You want to talk about feeling like a failure and spinning wheels? We live in a time when people don’t want to host home parties anymore. It is just not convenient and more times than not your hostesses invite 50 of their friends and if they are lucky 6 actually show up and buy something because they feel obligated. Then trying to book another party is always the next step and the anxiety I would get having to say, “Would you like to host a party” was terrible and I often thought to myself, “What am I doing this for.” I was constantly spending money on the new catalogs, new product line samples, and hostess gifts. All this to make barely enough money to help out with a few bills. I dreaded the calls and messages from my up-lines asking how many parties I had booked for the next month and trying to recruit friends to join me in being a consultant was near impossible. Over the years I had jewelry stolen off my display at a home party and a necklace ripped off my neck by a guest who won a game I played and wanted the necklace I was wearing. I was belittled, laughed at, and my confidence was being chipped away.dreams
 My lowest point was last January when I had a jewelry party scheduled on the day of a bad snow storm. I tried to cancel or reschedule but my hostess insisted on having the party because she had ordered food to put out. By the time I left there was close to a foot of snow on the ground and I drove home as my car slid all over the roads. Tears ran down my face as I realized I was the only one on the road other than snow plows and I just wanted to get home to my husband and children. I was upset that I had gotten myself to a place where I believed my only option to make a living was to lower my standards for safety, self-respect, and belief in myself. That night my husband and I decided that enough was enough and I left network marketing for the last time…or so I thought.
I had started to come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t able to be a stay-at-home mom forever. We had maxed out all credit cards, sold things we loved to help pay bills, and I lost all hope in MAKING it in network marketing. I was starting to work on my resume and knew I had no choice but to go back to my prior career as a teacher earlier than I had hoped to. That was until I broke down after 4 months of telling a friend NO to trying a new health and wellness product and asked for a sample. Why did I say no for so long…WHO KNOWS?!!! Maybe it was because I didn’t know enough to about it…I had taken vitamins in the past and felt no better so why would this be any different? Maybe part of me felt like I was in such a bad place physically, mentally, and emotionally that there was no way this stuff could even help me. Maybe it was because like so many skeptics I just didn’t know that this new product was simply vitamins that are premium grade, organic, non-GMO, and are designed to fill in nutritional gaps that we all have. Whatever the reason I’m grateful I got over it because my life was FOREVER changed when I stopped being a skeptic and gave it a try!
My experience was so amazing that I knew I had to share this with everyone I knew! I signed up as a promoter immediately even though I swore I would never get involved in a network marketing company again, but this was different. I wasn’t saying to people, “Have a party invite your friends and buy a basket, bag, or necklace that you really don’t want or need.”  I was sharing a product that had changed my life faster than I thought possible and 10 months later continues to change the lives of friends, family, and strangers who are ready to take control of their health and understand the importance of giving your body premium nutrition.
Yes this is a network marketing model but it offers so much more than what is out there. It is FREE to be a promoter. No sign up fee, no yearly dues, no inventory, and no parties. You get a FREE website and once you have 2 customers you earn credits and your products are FREE. Same goes for customers…once a customer refers 2 friends who order, they too get their products FREE. It boggles my mind that the other companies that I was representing made me pay a yearly fee to sell their product for them! What was I thinking?!!! If their products are so good then why should promoters have to pay a fee to represent them? My business is growing by leaps and bounds and the reason is simple…we have one product and it works! My team of promoters are dedicated to helping others live their lives feeling their happiest and healthiest and I am finally truly living the dream. I have earned a luxury auto bonus and also earned the same for my husband, we are paying off our debt, and creating a life of financial freedom. I am NOT anyone SPECIAL…I just finally found a company that has a product that works and that everyone can use. Whether you just want to look and feel your best and want to give it a try, or you are ready to join a company and movement that is changing the direction of health and wellness and reshaping the network marketing industry you will not be sorry with what I have to offer you. I am living my dream of continuing to be a stay-at-home mom while teaching my children that you can have it all!

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  1. louise schultz

    Me too! Keep Thriving!!!!


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