Work on Trouble Spots at Home

I am the first to admit that I don’t make it to the gym as often as I would like…especially in the summer. Kids are home, we have no schedule, and vacations get in the way of the routine that I keep during the school year. I’ve filled in my nutritional gaps with the THRIVE Experience and am feeling healthier than ever, but I know in order to reach my fitness goals I also need to add exercise. Wanting to focus on my “trouble spots” I flipped through magazines tearing out simple exercises until I had enough to group together for a workout anyone can do at home.

11737007_10207338164513963_1438490068_n   11749255_10207338164673967_796369857_n   11749993_10207338164593965_587340855_o 11744841_10207338164553964_622070461_o  11733395_10207338164633966_1313127733_n

Happy Toning!


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