Disney Planning Simplified

If there is one thing I have learned from traveling to Disney with kids it is to PLAN AHEAD! To get the most out of your Disney experience you need to pre-plan the times for your meals, fast pass attractions, and entertainment choices. All of these can become overwhelming and hard to keep track of without some sort of system to keep you organized. I’ve used spread sheets and apps to keep me on track, but none of them provided me with a detailed look into each day that my family would be at the resort. What’s a girl to do when there is nothing out there to use…create a planner herself! Feel free to download and use this Disney Vacation Planner for your own trip planning. I promise you will be thankful for the time you put into planning your vacation when you get to the park and don’t have to even think about what to do next!


Disney Planner

Happy Planning!


Disney Plans

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  1. Jackie

    Great spreadsheets! I agree 100% that planning is key! In 2010 (before we had children) my husband went on a trip to Disney. He let me do all the planning, aside from a few of his restaurant choices, since I have a habit of reading anything and everything I can find about Disney. We were going over Easter week and I knew that it would be VERY crowded. He thought my plans and spreadsheets were crazy! But, the first day we were there we went immediately from rope drop to Soarin’ for Fast passes (it was still the old system.) My husband stood watching the stand by line go from 10 minute wait to 80 minute wait in 5 minutes. He was no longer sorry for my planning! Despite it being the 2nd busiest week in Disney for the year, we hardly waited for any rides or attractions!


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