Angels Among Us

I have always been a believer in angels and signs that our loved ones who have left this earth are still watching over us.  With all four grandparents now gone, it brings me comfort to think they are looking down from heaven and watching over my family.  Over the years I have read stories of people finding pennies, dimes, feathers, flowers, numbers, and animals that are attributed to loved ones that have passed on.  These reminders often serve as a comfort to many who believe they now have special angels watching over them.

My story isn’t about a family member, but rather a neighbor who in her life spread joy and kindness to everyone around her.  When my husband and I first moved into our home we didn’t have children, but longed to be parents.  That dream was met with a difficult road of infertility.  My neighbor Rosemary was an enormous support during that difficult time and continually prayed that my husband and I would one day be blessed with the baby we longed for.  Our prayers were finally answered when I gave birth to our son and Rosemary was delighted by his energy and spirit.  She was an avid gardener, baker, artist, and was known to give out full-sized candy bars on Halloween.  My children absolutely loved her.  Rosemary battled cancer like no one I have ever know, but unfortunately lost that fight in the winter when my children were 4 and 2 years old.  The following summer I noticed pink and purple petunias were blooming in the strangest places around our home.  One was in the crack on the step to our backyard and a few weeks later I moved a table and found another in a crack on our patio.  I immediately thought of Rosemary and had a hunch it was a sign that she was watching over us.  That August on a family trip to Disney World my son realized that when people die they don’t come back to earth.  He struggled with this for days and was saying things like, “Mommy when you die can I go with you?”  As a parent I wanted to take this fear away from him and help him get past this, but nothing I said calmed him.  After a few days I felt lost as I sat with Nicholas and he cried saying, “I want you to be with me forever.”  I cried and prayed silently to Rosemary and asked her to take this struggle away from Nicholas.  He fell asleep in my bed and never mentioned his fears of death again.  It was as if Rosemary heard my prayer and erased the worry from his mind.


First Flower I discovered

First flower I discovered


Found Under a Table on the Patio

Found under a table on the patio

In the three summers since her passing the random flowers continue to bloom.  They show up in places where there were never planted and are always pink and purple.  Last year one of the flower beds was full of them and we even had some grow out of cracks in our driveway.  Now that my kids are a little older I point them out and tell them that they are a sign that their guardian angel is watching over them.  Rosemary prayed that my dream of being a mommy would come true and I know in my heart she is keeping us safe and continues to bring beauty to our block each year with her flowers.

I planted the orange marigolds...the petunias in the flower bed and in the cracks on the driveway came on their own and were the last to die in the fall.

I planted the orange marigolds…the hot pink petunias in the flower bed and in the cracks on the driveway came on their own and were the last to die in the fall.


If you have a story about a special sign from a loved one please share it in the comments section.


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  1. Diane Biolo

    Beautifully written and so true. I think I needed to read this today. I looked out the window this morning, watching MORE snow fall on Mar 28, praying my yellow “Emily” rose bush survived this harsh New Englad winter, and will produce beautiful yellow roses from my dear friend.

    My Dad sends me dimes, Emily sends me yellow roses. We all have our Guardian Angels and your experience was so beautifully expressed.


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